see isaac
isaac is a gay wigga
by ... March 22, 2003
Typically a young white male from a well to do background heavily influenced by main stream bland white trash rappers. They are known to have a strange habit of making weird finger gestures when being photographed. Dress code is not strict but most wiggas must have at least 2 NBA tops a bandana and a baseball bat for posing in their bedrooms in front of a digital camera.
yo wigga gimme your watch and wallet or i'll pop a cap in your muthafuckin ass bitch! translation: a wigga is approached on the streets by a real bad boyee and mugged
by da origanal playa May 17, 2006
Not always a white person with black mates but a white person hu dresses,speaks and acts black...they only make themselves look stupid
eminem n skinnyman r these kinda ppl
by domi May 21, 2005
a white boy who talks like a valley girl, uses expressions like "talk to the hand", yet still dresses in oversized jerseys fitted caps way too big for his tiny little head, and pants falling off his scrawny little white ass.
1/2 the boys coming out of a prep school same "damn dawg" and "fo shizzle", also the guy B-Rad from Malibu's Most Wanted
by sicilianbaby October 20, 2004
a white boi hu thinks he's black, when he so isnt. he goes round thinkin he's all that coz he listens 2 hip hop n wears rocawear, sean john etc.
yoo wiggaaa ur whiteeeeeeeee
by tha queen bitch of the nile September 10, 2004
Usually a white person who dresses, acts, and talks like a black person. Wigga = wannabe nigga
"Damn that white boy a wigga, lets beat his Malibu ass!"
by Fara April 05, 2004
white twat bobbin it bout , rude boi my ass!!!!
whit wanna be blick man
by john russelll December 15, 2003

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