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1. The act of explaining something(Any noun) simple in an overexaggerated manner or in a way that no one would care about even though the one speaking may think so.

2. Showboating it in the same way.
3. When someone makes an amateur mistake while partaking in any action and causing a mass inconvenience for those around the person.
~Commonly used in conjuction with the phrase, "Herpin his/her/their derp..."
Example for 1:
Guy 1: "Wow! Check out these awesome purple shoes! They shine! They better too since they were $120 dollars!"
Guy 2: "Whats Guy 1 freaking out about?"
Guy 3: "Ugh he's just wackin' his wiener about his shoes. Whatever...(Guy 3 puts on a uncaring and sarcastic face)"

Example for 2:

See example for 1. Same rules apply.

Example for 3:
Guy: "What the fuck is he doing? The enemies altar is over there! He's fuckin' wiener wackin' and breaking the flow of the game! What's his damn problem?!?!?!?"
by Domo <3 January 28, 2011

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