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A phrase appended to the end of a semi-incoherent fast food order while in an altered state of mind. Spoken with an upward inflection as a question, its true meaning is usually unknown to both orderer and fast food worker.
Orderer: Yeah I'll take a girl stuff bacon burrtango, with bacon please, also a seen a minute twisty, extra bacon, and I'll have some bacon please. Widdly scuds?
Worker:widdly scuds?
by ontario April 05, 2010
A Widdly Scud is a growth on your genital area or anus.

It is caused by constant defecation without washing.

You can also get a Widdly Scud on your facial area through cullingus when proformed on a dirty Anus or Vagina.
Dude! You got a Widdly Scud on your chin!
by Aryxsucks February 01, 2011