a way to express extreme joy, sarcasm, or if you would like to express confusion you can also use "Wickedy Whaat?"

note: the amount of "ooooo's" that follow the 2nd "W" is usually used to emphasize the "umf" you want the word to carry.
note: this also goes for the "aaaaa's" in Wickedy Whaaat
dane: Dude, Astral I made up a word!
Astral_Nomad: oh yeh, Wickedy Woo for you.
dane: Astral, man I just broke the record for most miles ran on foot.
Astral_Nomad: Wickedy Wooooooo man!
dane: Astral, ¿donde esta la fiesta?
Astral_Nomad: Wickedy Whaat?
by T. Dane August 18, 2006
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