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1. Commonly coming from somebody who lives in Boston, this is the stupidest possible way to call something retarded or "not cool." Put simply it's a way to call something really dumb.

2. A phrase that connotes, "Hi. I'm from Southy and I'm a piece of shit. Please beat my ass."

Alternate(And in this case the proper) Spelling: Wicked Retahded.
"Mayn dood. That shit is wicked retarded!"
by Timmons February 11, 2006
The way out-ah-townahs say wicked retahded. Used by people who try to sound like theyah from Boston, but really aren't
Out-ah-townah: that ump's call was wicked retarded

Me: Yoah from fahking Pennsylvanier, why the fahk ah you sayin that? It's pronounced wicked retahded
by Bahstonian January 20, 2011