Also known as "Fluffy-Bunnies"
"It rains when I get sad, because I'm a witch"

"Well, A) you are an Idiot, and B)...well, no A pretty much covers it, you stupid fluffy-bunny"
by Churba December 08, 2004
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Someone who is Wiccan because they heard about it and think its "kool"

very often a teenybopper
That new girl in class is such a Wiccabopper
by Izzi April 22, 2003
1) A young person who uses magick because they heard about it either from a friend's friend, a new neighbor, from when they were looking up Harry Potter websites, ect. Word derrives from the word <i>teenybopper</i> and Wicca fused together. 'Wiccaboppers' usually have not yet grasped the concept of the concequences when casting a spell or something like that. An abuser of the beautiful religion that Wicca is.

Wiccabopper 1: I need 2 get sum new spell kitz at the Faery Dance down in Newburryport! OMG my Wiccan name is Firebelly Dancersingsongbirdcatrainbowmagicalunicornpeacepentacleladygypsyrhinannonfleetwoodmacperson!

Wiccabopper 2: ya wee can hav a sercal at ur house! teehee!
by CHRiSTA May 24, 2003

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