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The most stupid. greasiest, poor slum of a town probably in existence. Everyone that lives there is usually a crack head and a whore. Nobody should ever come close to this place because it is an utter shit hole and you will probably get aids by breathing the disgusting red neck air that is Wiarton.
Guy: "I went to Wiarton the other day!"
Guy2: "Last time I went there I got genital aids by breathing through my nose!"
by Doublerainbowz March 20, 2011
A small tourist community located on the Bruce Peninsula in South Western Ontario. Known for Wiarton Willie, the weather-predicting groundhog. Wiarton is also home to the annual Wiarton Wille festival, beautiful scenery, and friendly residents.
"I'm spending the weekend at my cottage in Wiarton."

"Sounds great, I hear that area is beautiful!"
by mraldz January 14, 2013