Female who sleeps around a lot, and blames it on her hormones
What the fuck is up with her whoremones......she sleeps around a lot..and blames it on hormones
by Karla January 30, 2004
Top Definition
hormones which make you act as a whore
Dang that skank has some serious whoremones
by Jayniew January 24, 2009
Noun. The excuse women use to deflect any sort of blame off of themselves when acting irratically; a defense mechanism as to not take responsibility for their actions.
Girlfriend: "I'm sorry baby, I know I did things behind your back -- lied, cheated, screamed at you and had another man's baby... I don't know what I was thinking... My hormones must just be ridiculous right now, omg!"

Boyfriend: "Bitch don't feed me some bullshit insanity excuse. Call it your whore-mones and maybe we can agree on something for once. You did this because you're nuts!"
by Mushy Mase March 24, 2011
When decisions are made about sexual relations primarily based on hormones.
She said she was going to wait until the third date, but her whoremones kicked in and that was it.
by Sonya Luongo August 12, 2008
When your hormones make you a slutty bitch and over confident.
Girl: what is up with Lauren? She's acting like such a slut?
Other girl: oh it's her whoremones.
by L0zz@ April 12, 2015
A whore that cries the whole time. It's mixing the words whore and hormones to make a new word.
Becka- I've only rode 7 guys this week *insert cry*
Rory- Jesus Becka control the whoremones
by Rest of Waterford February 05, 2013
Chemicals that make people want to meet sex partners on the internet.
He now has HPV because his whoremones overtook him while he was checking his e-mail.
by Angie Jane September 11, 2010
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