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A Female Dirt Bag Slutty Skanky Good For Nothing But Doing Dishes And Cleaning Houses And Rim Jobbing Sucking Cock Fuckin Stinky Titts Smellin Like Old Milk Looking Like Two Peperoni Slabs For Nipples Both Tits Lookin Like Grapefruits In A Pair Of Panty Hose Bottom Of My Boot Heal Shit Caked On It AND They Eat All Types Of Feces Yes All Types Even The Diarrhea Make Soup Wit It And Smell Like Green Bins Fuck. All I Know Is You Can Find Em On The Corner Fo Sho Or Even Any Sidewalk For That Matter Maybe A Parking Lot Looking For A Hard Rough Nasty Dirty Fuck To Their STD Ridden Pussies They Make Fettuccine With Their VD Sludge Climidia Fuckin Dripping Yeast Infection Got Ear Wax Hangin Out Nose Hair With Boogers An Shit She Be Licking Her Nose Eating That Shit AND Mild Tape Worm Sliding In And Out Of Her Stank Booty Hole Poke Holes All In Arm From The Heroine And Black Front Teeth From The Crack And Meth Smoke Fuckin Cum Dumpster Fuck Face Sloppy Swamp Donkey.
But Very Very Nice :)
Fuck You Ya Fuckin "Whoo Rah"

I Told The Boyfriend Of The "Whoo Rah" To Fuck Her Cause I Did ......... We All Did
by The_Forteller June 17, 2010

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