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A phrase meaning rough/intense anal sex, usu. itha woman. Used by men to describe the act of bending a woman over, and ramming her up

the ass really really hard.


Nightclub anal rape, not usually seen in America, more of a Bangkok, Thailand thing.
Johnny: Nigga, I was whompin' on dat ass fo' like 25 minutes then I busted up in her face like BAYUM.

Tyrone: Damn nigga you best secure that shit and get that bitch a ring if she lets you whomp that ass like that.


Johnny: Nigga I just whipped my cock out at the club and started whompin' on that asshole like it wasn't shit.

Tyrone(through the glass): Nigga you dumb as shit I ain't fuckin' bailin' you outta this shit next time. Fuckin' dumb ass bitch I'm gonna fuck yo' girl.
by LeRoy Tastycakes McBiggums July 19, 2012

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