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A person who orders food from White Castle very late at night/ early morning. This person is usually


b. extremely lazy

c. a druggy

who has nothing to eat at their current residence, or is simply too lazy to make something themselves. They wind up at White Castle because of the unexplainable and sudden craving-- perhaps from the many hours of sheer boredom at their residence. They can also be spotted hanging out around the White Castle parking lot, most often in groups.
Passenger: "Why the hell are there so many people in the White Castle parking lot standing around at this time of the night?"

Driver: "Because they are WhiteCastlers."

Passenger: "How come there is so much trash right next to all of the garbages?"

Driver: "Because of the lazy WhiteCastlers"

WhiteCastle'r A: "WTF! The original sliders went up another penny!"

WhiteCastle'r B: " OMG I can't believe they raised it again, this is the last time I am ever coming here."

One Week Later:

WhiteCastle'r B: "omg there is nothing to eat wanna go to White Castle?

WhiteCastle'r A: "Okay."
by GibGob August 22, 2011

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