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Reality show on VH1 about ten aspiring white rappers. Hosted by MC Serch from 3rd Bass. Due to the skills of the rappers involved, the show is also known as the 'Wack rapper show'.
Did you see The White Rapper Show last night?
by Donnie Donut January 13, 2007
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One of the worst VH1/MTV productions the cable world has ever seen. Contains annoying, untalented white boys and girls who are given too much encouragement and need to find a new hobby.
"Dude did they vote Persia off The White Rapper Show yet?"
"Uh, no. Dude, just quit hatin'"
"Ha! Fuck you! Why do you watch that shit?"
"They're my inspirations... I'm signing up for WRS2."
"Dude, get a life."
by switchme March 03, 2007

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