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White dick / american dick / european dick is the tiny organ that is attached to the white man which is approximately the size of a baby carrot.

Not all white dick is small, but most small dicks are white, which is true in predominantly white countries such as the usa, britain, france, cananda, australia, etc.

The average dick size in Africa, Asia, Middle East is roughly 5-6 inches, whereas the average dick size in white countries are 2-3 inches if lucky.
American John: I hate black guys, their dicks are so big.
American Joe: I feel you, my wife left me for a black guy.
White woman: You retards, it's not that they have big dicks, it's that you guys have extremely tinyass dicks.
American John: You shut up your mouh! go back to the kitchen!
White woman: Haha loser, go play with your little white dick.
by CumAtMeHoe June 22, 2012
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The smallest unit of measurement known to man.
Oh ****, this crack is too small, we need a white dick. A ruler is too big.
by GreatSpeakerofTruths November 17, 2009
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White dicks smaller than black dicks
Man that whitey has a little white dick
by david882200000 May 07, 2009
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If you need an example, just pull a white man's pants down and you'll see how small his penis is. Only white dick can get that small
by Anonymous188 January 27, 2008
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Countless studies now show that White dick is just as big as normal sized dicks of other males. People say White men have small dicks because they are jealous of our blue eyes and yellow hair. Yes, there are White men with small dicks, just like with any other race so its not fair to say all white dick is small.
Guy: Hey look a white man i bet he has a tiny white dick!
Guy2: That's really mean and uncalled for..

Guy: Hahaha those whiteys have little white dicks hahaha
Guy2: Stereotype much?

Guy: *reads sign at the club* -no small dicks or white man allowed-
Guy2: Wow that so racist!
by TomHanks224 December 04, 2012
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