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They are pimps from the whitest of white families. They are cool because they wear aviators. These pimps can be found lurking th hallways of highschools or other areas that they would least likely get shot in. These Pimps wear polos of many colors, preferred ones are: bright purple, bright pink, and the occasional white "Lacoste". Their pants are typically Khakis that have absolutely no defects in them and are worn just above the buttcrack so not to give the impression of sagging. They will Alway, I repeat ALWAYS have a can of Skoal in their back left...occasionally back tight pocket. Another must is that they must be seen at all times with a girl that everyone knows, this must be done in order to give off the impression that they have "their little boos". Their voice must be a low C at all times in order to give the impression that their balls are hanging lower than their ankles. Everyone of these pimps can be found at
c.A Lacrosse Field
Should you ever confront a pimp of this sort DO NOT walk up to them and try to ask them how they did at the race track. Chances are...they own it. Want to be one of these? I highly suggest that you do not go down this path but if you choose so you can start by retrieving a hat from a college that is in timbucktoo and this must have the flattest bill in the earth. You can place it on your head in the fasion that makes it look like a Gangsta Hat but it still gives off that high class aroma. Lastly NEVER walk up to a pack of white trash pimps for my fear of you being gobbled up into a smokey alchoholey jumble that will take a teacher to get you out of.
Person 1: Hey man i just won man my horse won
Person 2: Aww shiat i don care i own this damn now i own your not white trash pimp
Man what college is dat?, I cant tell
Dis one aww man i got this from Paintslick, Utah mann it is the tightest college evuhh (dont go here the city and college do not exist)
Kickass Polo man where you get that?
Aww man i got this shit outta my sweat shop just a little present from daddy
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