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The first MILF in history. According to ancient Tao Traditions, an enlightened woman who swallows the cum of young men to increase her health and vitality.
John loves dating older women...he calls them White Tigress' because they suck and swallow.
by Dc4040 June 24, 2012
An enlightened woman that uses the practices of yoga, strict nutrition, and oral sexual techinques to retain youth and beauty. According to ancient Taoist tradition, the white tigress is a woman who has discovered her true spirituality by embrassing her sexuality. Specifically, by ingesting and allowing the semen of a man to cover her face, she is essentially absorbing his essence, honoring him and increasing her own vitality.
In a moment of elated bliss, the white tigress covers her face with semen and swallows the essence of men for her own benefit. She offers her amazing body to men to honor their inner being.
by Pcardigan May 29, 2012

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