Attends JPS high school in Edison, NJ. rumored to be the white power ranger.

His hobbies include; wearing the color white every day, running around in torn white spandex, eating large amounts of food, lifting light weights and complaining about how heavy they are, bragging about how rich he is,spiking his hair (very badly), being racist, and "morphing".

The White Power Ranger is identified by the white clothing, badly spiked hair, and an voice that sounds like a dieing kitten.

"It's Morphing Time!!!"
White Power Ranger = "White Power!!"
by Kung Fu Action Jesus June 15, 2008
Top Definition
A humorous derogatory term often seen on pro-Nazi and Holocaust denial Usenet groups. The term is used by those opposed to the "White Power" supporters on the boards.
"Some Neo-Nazi posted that Blacks are ape-like because they have big lips. That stupid White Power Ranger doesn't realize that ape have very thin lips, like Whites.
by SuzieQueue February 04, 2008
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