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An addiction to cocaine.
Andy: What's wrong with Danny?
Matt: He has white line fever.
by AskingAndria January 02, 2015
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An Australian term to describe the radical change in a person's behavior when they start playing sports, aka stepping over the 'white line'. The radical change can result in a normally mild mannered individual, becoming aggressive, loud and extremely competitive maybe even violent during gameplay, once the game is over they go back to their usual mild mannered self.
"Bruce isn't one to start a fight, but once the whistle's blown he gets white line fever and who knows what'll happen."
by BerkosBlog August 05, 2013
to become road hypnotized from prolonged night driving. trucker slang from the 70s
reds got that white line fever from that 32hr run to levelland
by therealdealholyfield February 03, 2015
The feeling you get when you can see the try line and you're already mentally over it, but still have 20 metres to run.
"Mate, I've got white line fever"

"Yeah, how bad?"

"I've still got three essays to write before the weekend, but I'm already gone"
by breese May 04, 2014

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