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Coral Springs, Florida. Geographical area known for it's high levels of money related violence and soccer moms driving Volvos.
Shit nigga, you best get yo ass outta' White Compton 'fo they get some bank tellers on yo ass
by Busty McThunderstick July 06, 2004
Parkland, Florida, being mistaken for Coral Springs as it is geographically seperated by the Sawgrass Expressway, a major highway dividing urban and rural.
Walking down Riverside you see them tags on the underpass but if you cross it you in White Compton so make sure you ain't holding nothing.
by Anonymous Man September 05, 2005
Refers to Youngstown, Ohio. A city with a rich history of mafia crimes and violence. Was once a thriving steel city. Known as "Murder City U.S.A" for several years. Also known as Yompton.
You got to be crazy to mess with anyone from white compton.
by Mike Mannozzi November 23, 2005
Coral Springs. Where the Jews rule the streets pimping the caddys and where their daughters ask daddy for everything.
Daddy, Daddy buy me the new escalade!!!! you wont buy it for me, then im going to kill myself!!!
by Fo'ShizzleJew February 25, 2005
used mostly by BMX-ers and more punk kids that goto Travella or Coral Glades, its is a slang term for coral springs, making fun of coral springs for being really white and boring
"Yo nigga, im str8 outta white compton, where were 10deep, n do drive with mini-vans."
by coral ridge man November 07, 2005
coral springs, a very white place, an insult
ha ha that kid looks like hes from whit compton
by marc March 13, 2005
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