Used by anti-bush fanatics to describe George W. Bush's middle name. See Whistle ass
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Of course, if it really is most important to tell the truth about the president, it might be necessary add the following: "P.S. Bush is still a whistleass."
by Greg M Clarke October 13, 2005
Top Definition
A pompous, hypocritical liar. A derogatory name implying than an individual's words are nothing but intestinal gas. Related to the phrase, "....talking out of (one's)ass"
"Oh Bush, he's such a whistle ass." Sally Baron
by steve nordlander October 07, 2003
Name coined by Mrs. Sally Baron to describe President George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States
"Oh Bush, he's such a whistle ass." Sally Baron
by Steve Johns September 02, 2003
Feed the girl lots of beans. When you're doing her from behind shove a recorder, clarinet or whistle up her ass, causing her to fart and making the item whistle
"I gave Christina a whistle ass last night and it was so loud that her uncle woke up and joined in"
by AY December 27, 2004
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