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A whistle lisp is defined by producing a slight whistling noise when pronouncing words beginning with "s" or "sh". Most noticible when conversing with elderly gay men with possible dental or identity issues.
Mr. Herbert ssssssaid that SSSSSweet SSSSSam'sssssss sssssalute wasssssss ssssssloppy and sssssaucy. He sssssent Ssssssam sssssstateside to practicccccccce that sssssssaucy sssssalute. These words all have a whistle lisp.
by Alfonso T. Watt May 15, 2010
When you pronounce an "S" and you produce a whistling noise prompted by the attempt to say the "s."
I, Abbey, tend not to use words with the letter "s" in order to hide my whistle-lisp.
by Tdog, Puddlez December 22, 2011