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After jizzing in a girl, the guy aggressively whips his dick around in the jizz and then pulls it out to make a whipped cream pie.
The whipped cream pie i gave her was so thick and creamy.
by theeurbandictionary June 08, 2010
3 8
A lot like a creampie. The tip of a can of whipped cream is inserted into a vagina and whipped cream is sprayed into the vagina. The women's partner then eats out the whipped cream.
Me and Michelle did our first whipped creampie together yesterday. We're both hipsters and creampies were getting too mainstream...
by michellesboyfriend October 30, 2012
2 0
After the creampie is finished, the guy sucks his cum out of the vagina and gargles it until the right consistency. Then when ready, spits it back at the vagina.
guy 1 "my gf made me o a Whipped Creampie yesterday"

guy 2 "eww dude did it taste?"

guy 1 "kinda sweet and sour"
by popozion September 08, 2008
5 14