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Acronym for "White Guy Groupie". An Asian woman who exclusively dates white males.

A subset of women of Asian ethnicity, usually found residing in major U.S. cities, although they have been known to appear overseas occasionally. Closely related to their cousins, Yellow Cabs (Japan), Gwei-po's (Hong Kong), Sarong Party Girls (Singapore), Twinkies and bananas!
Typical Whiggie Quips:

age 10: “Mom, why do we have to be (Chinese/Japanese/Korean)?
Do you have to dress like that? And what’s with dad and his accent?

age 12: “Mom, I want an eyelid job for Christmas, okay?

Later on…

“I’ve always only dated white guys. I don’t know why, I just have.”

Like, I’m dating *out* of my race, so how can I be racist?!! Duh!!

CLOSELY RELATED TO: Racists, bigots, wannabes, ho’s, chameleons, white supremecists, a fish out of water
by Honey87 February 25, 2012
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