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WTF in code incase youngsters are around or you are not able to curse.
1: Where's the Fridge! Why is the bugle ringing so early?!
by Lukens July 15, 2005

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An alternative and not as vulgar way to say WTF. Commonly used when there are adults or children around. Can also be used just because it sounds fun or because someone just said somthing random.
1: so we are doing somthing with 3 this weekend?
2: My toes are cold.
1: Where's the Fridge?! What are you TALKING about?!?!
by Lukens July 23, 2005
What the Fuck in a nicer, more appropriate way. Commonly used infront of adults and kids or at school.
1: So what are we going to do this weekend?
1: My toes are cold, like 12 very cold... things.
2: Where's the Fridge? What the heck are you talking about?!?!
by Lukens July 29, 2005