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A word used when the actual name of the object in question will not come to mind. Very versatile but often very vague. It is derived from the phrase "what-you-may-call-it" which can be found in T. H. White's The Once and Future King.
Claire- "Hey, Adam, hand me the- the- you know, the whatchamacallit."

Adam- "The what?"
by Cu2Au May 26, 2006
NOUN - A term, used to replace a noun when it won't come to mind.
I went to the restaurant and ordered the plate with shrimp and the other side...whatchamacallit.
by Enrique Perez November 16, 2003
An awesome candy bar, very, very sexified. Peanutbutter... Caramel... chocolate.... mmmmmm.
Also, its that thing that you can never remember the name for.
1. Mmmmmm, whatchamacallit
2. GAH! whats that thing... you know, the whatchamacallit?
by Yes February 14, 2005
Noun used to describe those little things that you never know precisely how to express.
1. Do you call common objects whatchamacallits? ...
by Horace November 14, 2003
Something you call when you don't remember its real name.
"Oh hey! Isn't that a whatchamacallit?"
by *LisaBee* August 25, 2003
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