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It means like "Whats up?", "Whats going on?"

Its commonly used in the LGBT Community
And is commonly used for gossipping
Typical Conversation using "Whats the T?"

Exa 1: Oh hey, girl!
Exa 2: Hey, Boo. Whats the T?
Exa 1: This bitch don' pulled out my weave..
Exa 2: Uh-uh, girl! Thats fucked up!

Shit like that!
by Kyle_Moran June 10, 2011

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What's the trouble, what's the deal
It's getting late, and our rides not here. What's the t?
by Confusedyes May 07, 2009
Abbreviated sentence for "What's the tale?". Another phrase for the common phrase, "What't the deal?" or "What's the story?"
What's the t with Tommy and Brent?
by jupiter6921 January 08, 2010