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an extremely loud, hilarious, and fun drinking game.

first, everyone has to have a "fuck name" examples - Crazy Fuck, Dumb Fuck, Ugly Fuck, Sexy Fuck, I Wanna Fuck.

*everyone beats on table and yells "ahhhhh!"*

after saying ahh, everyone hits palms on the table, then claps, then palms on the table again. it will start a beat. the point of the game is to say your line while EVERYONE keeps the rhythm. if you mess up your line or mess up the rhythm or hesitate and don't say your line when you are supposed to - you take a drink.

(put drinks in the center of the table because when everyone is hitting the table, drinks will slide off)

after everyone is done beating on the table, yelling "ahhh!" everyone starts the rhythm while yelling :
"awwwwwww, what's the name of the fucking game? it's called WHAT THE FUCK! here we go now!"
then the first player says"(THEIR fuck name) no fuck! better than a (name of player they want to go next)"
guy A: "hey! let's play the what the fuck game!"
guy B: "okay! explain it to me!"

everyone: "ahhhh! what's the name of the fucking game? it's called what the fuck! here we go now!

crazy fuck: crazy fuck no fuck better than a dumb fuck!

dumb fuck: dumb fuck no fuck better than an ugly fuck!

ugly fuck: ugly fuck no fuck better than a dumb fuck!

*first person to screw up has to take a drink then they start the game over.
by .intoxicating. February 20, 2010
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