A really NICE, Anus on a White woman.
That's a Nice Whanus.

That bitch got a Whole Lot of Whanus. i.e, She got a BIG Ass.
by Tony_Kush420 August 19, 2011
Top Definition
A person who has been fucked up the arse so much that they have an asshole the size of a whales blow hole
"WOW what a big cock you have... pity i have a whanus and i can't feel it"
by sihel May 15, 2009
A Whale Anus, a term coined from a very boring libary lesson, whilst reading a book on Whales. Used to berate very stupid people. Perfect for fat people who talk out their arse...
Don't be such a Whanus!
by W1k1 May 16, 2007
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