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A gathering of morbidly obese, white trash females usually found shopping at Walmart (or anything Mart), blocking the aisles with a gaggle of snotty nosed brats in tow. The only good thing about it is, you don't have to venture all the way to Alaska to see these blubberous beasts in action.
My god, I just came back from Walmart where I saw a Whale Pod fighting over a box of discounted ding dongs.
by Mr Swipe September 03, 2007
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When a Whale Whisperer gets multiple chubby girls to acquiescence to his will a the same time they form a Whale Pod. These Whales (Chubby Girls) receive acceptance and social interaction with one another, but more importantly they received the approbation they each craved from the Whale Whisper. In return for this they willingly submit their bodies for the sexual pleasure and attended to his every ordinary need.
That evening each Sperm Whale of the Whale Pod put on a Whale Show for the Whale Whisper taking a turn to masturbate as he watched. They knew he greatly enjoyed hearing each Whale Song when they climaxed.
by mck73 February 12, 2014
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