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A person's collection of pornography. Stack refers to a time when all porn was in print and thus stacked in a cubbyhole in the porn dungeon, equipped with infrared motion sensors, high resolution cameras, lava pits, and crocodile infested waters.
My roommate found my whack stack while I was out Saturday. Talk about awkward.
by Myriadofpersonalities September 14, 2010
When "losing it" or feeling as though one is about to "explode". Gained popularity via the constant "whackstacking" of subpar vocalists throughout the hardcore scene.
"MAN! Blockhead is about to whackstack the shit outta this mother fucker!"
by Luke Perry March 25, 2007
Where all the googlewhacks of the world are stored, at the googlewhack homepage.
"Once you find a googlewhack, you can store it in our whack stack."
by R.P.M. November 08, 2005
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