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Any one who drinks jaeger Bombs. Drink of the gods that can infact turn you into a god like figure - You can, after enough Jaeger take on the world.

Alt. When your penis becomes useless like a wet weekend after overcooking it on the Jaeger.
Look at that Arik He's a wet weapon after drinking those Jaegers - Someones gona get it tonight.
by Arik Of Arnold January 11, 2012
When after consuming Jager Bombs you can transform into the ultimate weapon in love, sexual prowess or a comedy genius. You can also (at the same time) become a demi-god, a destroyer of worlds, the ultimate warrior and a better lover than Cupid

Alt. After too much Jager your Penis becomes like a wet gun -useless "Overcooked wet weapon"
"Look at Arik over there, just did five jagers - He has become a wet Weapon. No doubt someones gona get it."
by Arik of Arnold January 11, 2012