In Strong Bad Email #112, strong bad mispronouces West Islip and says "West Is Lip" he says it sounds like one of those 80's new wave bands, and then he breaks into song.

In my opinion this is the only thing funny in this email, since the whole email is based around a crappy comic strip.

also see homestar runner
"She Partied Without Dancing, She partied with my HEARRRRRRRRT!"
by DaChazman September 12, 2004
Top Definition
Town on Long Island, NY known for its large cocasian population. It is known to be very competetive and known for high standards.
I was driving through West Islip and saw an African-American child, I was amazed to see that kind of thing in that town!
by WestIslipGirl March 27, 2009
The whitest town you will ever see. Located on Long Island in New York. Half of the citizens are rich. You probably know it as White Islip.
West Islip is a town.

Oh great, they're from White Islip.
by whiteislipcitizen October 06, 2008
A British new wave band from Hertfordshire
Coming in this week at #4, it's those androgynous boys from Hertfordshire West Islip, with their hit single "she partied without dancing."
by Charles T. Freeman Sr. September 08, 2004
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