Fucked up. Really, really bad/sketchy
eg. (I was handcuffed by this guy in his car...) Me: "Watch, my mum'll come past now". Dave: "That'd be so west".
by babyjanebunny October 30, 2005
Used whilst one is said to "crack" a west.

Can be used to define ones "side".
I cracked a West at this chumby and sped off to my ghetto homeland on the west side.
by Harry March 18, 2004
Something that is stupid, abnormal or an hallucination.

Going west refers to loosing the plot and your grip on reality, such that you are no longer yourself. This will usually result from drug use, although it can occur folling an accident.
Sunny went west after he fell over a cracked his head.
by RocketDan December 20, 2006
Similar to sweded or blitzed. To be west is to be fucked.
Big Mellor's head is west
by JaY January 20, 2003

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