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the western part of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County, including parts of LA like Woodland Hills and West Hills and the cities of Hidden Hills and Calabasas. Some people stretch that to include places like Agoura, Agoura Hills and Bell Canyon. Prone to hot summers and schadenfreude.
The West Valley embodies the various characteristics of the Valley in their most pronounced or severe forms, such as the deep-seated anxiety of the West Side wannabee and the shallow materialism of the 'all about me' citizenry.
The typical West Valley resident does not have the strength of character to deal with the pervasive affluenza. West Valley archetypes inclue the Birmingham bitch, the Taft crack and the El Camino asshole.
That West Valley girl was such a clothes whore but she wore the tackiest outfits.
I have to get those Douchebag (or fill in the blank for the flavor of the weak/week) jeans because all my West Valley friends wear them and I don't want to be uncool.
I desperately want to live on the West Side but I am stuck in the West Valley, therefore I despise the West Side.
by AdamanEve February 26, 2006
A small city located west of Yakima, Washington were only cool kids roam. Of course not scary cool kids.
Lucky for Cody he made a name for himself with his choice of location; West Valley, Washingtion. He'll forever be known as an awesome unfreightening Ram.
by Joeblowsteve January 23, 2011
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