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A "West Chester Hot Potato" is the act of passing the bowl out the window to the person in front of you and then they pass it to the driver through the sun roof and then the driver passes it out of the window to the back passenger in order to keep the bowl out of the car, in order to do a no smell lift off. There are many variations to this motion such as the :
1. (Starting With Driver) Right, Right, Right
2. (Starting with Driver) Left, Left, Left

3. (Starting with driver side passenger) Up, left, left

When you have the bowl and your passing it you scream as loud as you can "Hot Potato En Route" in an astronaut voice then the person that receives the bowl responds "Hot Potato Recieved" to ensure a no drop transaction. Make sure everybody in the car knows when the bowl is coming back in the car by yelling "Hot Potato coming back to base!" so that everyone knows to be careful to not spill the weed.
*Driver Takes hit out of window"

"Hot potato en route!"
*Driver passes bowl outside the car, over the sunroof to the passenger who says:
"Hot Potato received"
*then takes a hit outside his/her window*

Then you continue the motion to the left until everybody gets a hit.
And that's a successful West Chester Hot Potato.
by Bigdaddy567 March 08, 2014
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