a good fast food restaurant where unlike mcdonalds their nuggets actually resemble chicken.
wanna go to mcdonalds and get some burgers?

no fuck mcdonalds wendys is where it's at.
by online handle August 28, 2006
A Wendy is someone who is nice and sweet but not afraid to speak her mind. She is often bearer of bad news. Everyone likes a Wendy! She does not have to be the center of attention and appears to be quiet and shy. Now if you get on the bad side of a Wendy, she will not hesitate to take you down a notch. So I don't advise it. Everyone will be on her side and you will be OUT!
Wendy is nice until you want to be on her tennis team!
by Tennis Bud February 16, 2010
Crappy place to work as it is the scourge is cheap people everywhere who like to order excessive amounts of Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers.
CUSTOMER: "Yes I'd like 7 Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers."
ME: "Damn the 99c Menu!"

Damn people then get mad when there 7 burgers aren't done in under 30 seconds because they obviously forget they are cheap and aren't the only people waiting for food.
by anonymous January 16, 2004
n. Fast food chain which cooks up a damn tasty bowl of chili.

If you're too much of a pansy for the "traditional" recipe, you can request that your chili be served without severed human appendages.
Cashier: Hello, welcome to Wendy's, what can we get for you?

Customer: I'll have a large bowl of chili, supersize that please, and uh...can you please hold the fingers and toes in that order, ma'am?
by Carl Willis March 27, 2005
Kick ass burger place with good salads too.
The Jr. beacon cheeseburgers at Wendy's are like sex in my mouth
by madddskillz August 20, 2004
The most AWESOMEST people you`ll ever come across the world are the Wendy`s. They`re totally cool and packed with awesomeness.
Andrena, "Damn, I wish I was Wendy.."
Random person comes up.
Takes a look at Wendy, and says, "You know what.. me too."
by bao-x September 15, 2010
A lovely little resteraunt that serves a varity of foods to suit you everyday fast food needs, consisting of: Thee jr.bacon cheeseburger, the spicy chicken snadwhich, chicken nuggets, and a lot more. But of course you can not forget THEE 1 & ONLY FrOSTIE!!! Wendys has the best value menu ever created.
We went to Wendys yesterday to eat lunch.
by Tiara & Ashley June 14, 2006
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