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The act of performing a critical, mission-driven event at maximum possible capacity. Similar in context to but with more exclamatory emphasis than "clutch".
With the clock running down Ed started Wellsin' it and got a final shot of the ice ball past Jeff, the goalie.
by waybetterthanu March 08, 2012
The act of getting out of work. To otherwise Sham and make excuses not do your job
Get back to work stop "Wellsin" around.
The act of being Lazy.
Getting out of things, "Wellsin" your way out of it
Voiding work is to commit the act of "Wellsin"
Always having some type of Appointment.
" Your not going to believe this but I have a sudden Appointment.
by TM 5 December 10, 2013
1. The blatant and willing act of accomplishing absolutely nothing while consuming the largest measurable passage of time, without getting in trouble for it.

2. To be total shit at doing something.
“I would have gotten you those reports on time but I have been Wellsin’ it up big time. I will make it my top priority. Working on it, shouldn’t take long.”

"Man, look at Ed peace'n out early, he's really Wellsin' it up today."
by TheAuthorityOnTheMatter December 02, 2013

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