To smell up a office cube with a steamy fart
That dude just blew a nasty Weller.

That Weller sounded wet!
by Don Regan October 23, 2007
Top Definition
To bleat on and promote your Socialist point of view when you don't have any money, but the moment you become successful and wealthy to drop your ideals and sell out.

See Paul Weller now successful solo artist, once Social commetarist.

Not to be confused with 'Doing a Daltrey' and writing a song about hoping to die before you get old and not carrying that promise through.

Antonym of Billy Bragg
That John Prescott did a Weller the moment he joined Tony Blair's cabinet and ended up with Two Jags.
by JamFan June 24, 2009
This is when someone get's confused and is trying to dodge answering a question
'You can stop causing trouble, or you can get out of my house, otherwise you wil get smacked' Well er.....
by Well er November 12, 2007
1. the act of doing more well
2. substitution for the word better
a: what'd you get on that test?
b: 67
a: wow i did weller
by pawlerskates November 20, 2007
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