Top Definition
Being complicated in a weird way
Having weird complications (not medical ones)
Shakalaka: It's flaking snow ^_^!!
BooM: "It's flaking snow" Lol that doesn't even make sense!
Shakalaka: I knew you were gonna say that so I have an explanation =P
BooM: Omg! Lmao
Shakalaka: Okay so its not really snowing snowing they are just little flakes of snow therefore it's flaking snow
Shakalaka: :-D
BooM: That is called a very "light snow fall"!
Shakalaka: Well don't forget I'm Shakalaka =P
Shakalaka: Lol x)
BooM: Complications.
Shakalaka: Noo! weirdplications :-D
by BlahBooBlahWoot April 07, 2009
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