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To be in a state of feeling confused and a little scared. The way someone would act when something really weird happened. Is used in Teen Girl Squad.
Little Tommy was weirded out when he saw daddy making out with the neighbors cat.
by Cerpin Taxxt October 28, 2006
To be freaked out by something/someone.
To think someone is weird
"You're giving me weirded out looks now arent you?"
by sugarPlumFairy March 16, 2007
A feeling that usually takes place after a coleman, Becker, schlotfeldt,Foland, and a Traffic cone
You sneeze out a little green fairy that goes around spitting acid into the eyes of small children and leaves little pink floating piles of fairy feces. You would feel weirded out..
by (>)`-`(>) July 10, 2008
Alienated by the one you love and who you thought loved you.
See dumped
You got weirded out SON
by Colin October 19, 2004
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