a wanna be black person, a white trying to be black
i'm black and I want to be black (wegro)
by david kenny March 01, 2005
a more politically correct form of the word wigger.a combo if the words wannabe and negro.
the white dude over there WISHES he was black! he's a TOTAL wegro!
by rachelb March 28, 2007
a white guy that thinks he's black but he really aint and he would get shot up in the hood
yo man you see that wegro ova there go bust a cap in him
by a.i. April 07, 2006
a wanna be black man
a white boy who thinks he is black
wegro and proud
by bowboy in da hood April 01, 2003
a white white who is really black
Eminem is such a wegro.
by ladonnamama March 28, 2008
a white negro, also known as a wigger, a white person that tries as hard as they can to act black, a "i wanna change my race" kinda person
wegro: yo wats up fool

black man: (POP POP POP).....bitch

wegro:(sound of him hitting the ground)
by Dan Franke November 23, 2004
The act of growing weed.
Yo man how's the wegroin goin?

Great man, this Orange Haze is wegroin really well!
by Wyatt b quiet December 04, 2003

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