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1. Origin of the word from 2005 infront of a Plaid Pantry "Don't talk to them they might beat you with their weedsticks.
2. Commonly used to describe popular "gangster" stoners.
2. Police: Do you kids know who started that stink bomb?
Kids: Probably the weedsticks.
by hyeah September 06, 2008

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a beautiful joint or blunt.
Yo im gunna go smoke this weed stick. Wanna come with?
by Hardest bitch in CC. January 18, 2012
ganja rolled joints or blunts
"ey man, lemme roll this J."
"no man, i got this one. have u seen one of my many perfectly rolled weed sticks? looks like i pulled that shit froma tree!"
by Martha Janyce November 01, 2007