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When one masturbates after smoking weed.
"I called you five times, where have you been, man?"

"Sorry man, I got pretty baked and was weed wacking for half an hour."
by Camel45 June 12, 2012
When one person (girl or guy) uses their teeth to shave/pull pubic hair out of the other person's vaginal/penis area. Can be done by both Homosexuals and Heterosexuals.
Alex: OMG My Girlfriend was Weed Wacking Me Over the Weekend
Jim: Wasn't it Painful?
Alex: Surprisingly No.
by Gingie007 April 13, 2010
the act of having sex, and pulling out before the climax, and proceding to cum on the females pubs.
I was weed-wacking Samantha all night.
by cl&jj June 13, 2010
When a male continuously waves his penis over and through a female's bushy pubic hair.
Ian: My girl hasnt shaved in weeks, and she wonders why we dont have sex.

Kyle:Try weed-wacking, she might think its hot.
by srg_turtle June 08, 2009
Action that is requested by one's marital partner, or close friend, to carry out; this action is revolting because it involves the visual exposure, and handling, of one's extremely hairy bodily parts; this action is usually performed to relieve one's self of heat exhaustion from having a tremendous amount of hair.
In order to be able to fit into his tuxedo, libraty had invited his wife to a morning of weed wacking his back.
by The Angry Azian May 22, 2009