Someone who stops you from smoking chronic. It can be a very hard time for your bad self, so dont cut your wiener off.
"Hey dude, lets go smoke some weed"
"No dude, Come inside and play some video games"
"Whatever dick face...your just being a weed whacker"
by Lenord December 07, 2007
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A person who tends to smoke alotta Marijuana.
He smokes 10 joints a day...what a weed whacker!
by DJ Sami January 08, 2006
A person, usually but not always a woman, who dates or otherwise becomes romantically or sexually involved with a man for the sake of obtaining free weed.
My friend isn't a gold digger--she's a weed whacker!! She's seeing this guy because she can get all the weed she wants!
by Stop the pendulum January 11, 2006
1: gardening tool used to cut grass in out-of-the-way areas
2: spinoff of "Cops" where policemen beat people up for smoking pot
1: Use the weedwhacker around the tree
2: The weedwhackers shall now confiscate your drugs
by The Neiler June 08, 2003
A term used to describe a rice bucket Honda or other riced out import.

May be easily identified by an exhaust sounding like a gas powered weed eater or chainsaw.
Damn, that riced out Honda sounds like a weed wahcker!

Man, check out that weed whacker!
by Pimp Masta J December 18, 2004
A cosmetician who removes pubic hair and/or trims and shapes it as requested by the client.
As she lounged on the beach, Laura realized, to her horror, that she had forgotten to see her weedwhacker, and had clumps of hair escaping from her bikini bottoms.
by Makooka December 19, 2010
People that whack off to their own pictures...
Ex. Dan loves himself so much, he pulled a Weed Whacker to his own Christmas photos.
by BJ1500 October 05, 2009

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