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Archived files, generally found on newsgroups, that contain one or more forms of malware. Malware is often hidden in an executable file that when opened, installs a virus or some other form of malware without the users' knowledge.
Person 1: Dude, did you grab that new game from the newsgroups?

Person 2: Yeah, but it was so full of Webshit that I had to reload my operating system.
by Oomphurgle July 07, 2010
1: (n.) A website with stupid, ridiculous, or otherwise shitty content; also: terrible content within a webpage, such as a stupid Facebook post (i.e., practically all Facebook posts). Etymology: a combination of 'website' and 'shit'. Also referred to as 'webshite' (pron. /ˈwebˌʃait/).

2: (adj.) Of or relating to webshit.
Why are you on; it's a total webshit.

I don't know why people keep saying 'keep calm and chive on'; I heard that their website is filled with webshit.

Are you a complete douche? What kind of webshit post is that?
by chillr October 11, 2013
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