It has been known that rogue states but also companies and universities put restrictions to the Internet usage. These restrictions are so aggressive and perverse that the Internet experience of the end-user is completely compromised.

WebSense comes to the rescue by providing stealth anonymity to the masses, allowing them to browse the Internet without restrictions. Due to this, WebSense is severely unpopular in specific non-secural countries; merely having WebSense software installed on your computer may land you in jail for two years.

WebSense offers anonymous secure proxy servers that end-users can connect to. Once such a server is blocked, WebSense activates a new one and informs the users through encrypted e-mail to switch to it.

There is currently work carried out to integrate WebSense with the Onion Routing project in order to offer protection against traffic analysis.

WebSense is resilient to differential analysis attacks thanks to patented technologies being employed.
"You can't touch this."

~ MC Hammer on accessing an illegal webpage using WebSense.
by kodiac1 July 09, 2006
Top Definition
The source of all evil. A program that blocks out all "inappropriate" material. Usually used by schools to block everything and to torcher students into insanity.
Your want to go to but Websense blocks it.
by Brandon Dockery December 05, 2003
Basically a bunch of nonsense.

Websense is software that messes with your internet connection in that if you try to go to a certain page in the internet, it goes through the Administrator and Websense first, and if Websense has it on its little blacklist for any particular reason, you will not be allowed to view the site. This is called proxy.

Seems innocent enough at first, but that it is before you realize its ultra-sensitivity. Websense is critical of what you view. You're not allowed to view image searches in Google for example (you can in Yahoo), which is completely harmless (depending on what you're searching for.) Anything with any sort of ties to recreational activities is shot down immediately. For example, any website under Web Hosting (Angelfire and Tripod are examples that host webpages), is blocked regardless of its content, but because of the category "Web-Hosting."

All in all, Websense is Nazi Software/Software that is too tough on restrictions.

*Bypassing Websense...*
There are some websites that help with Proxy-Avoidance (another filtered category for the most part.) But the easiest thing to do is to go to a webpage translation service, such as WorldLingo. Set your languages, and you're done. I don't believe that you can send data while using WorldLingo however, i e you can't login to any sort of account.
*Enter the World of Pseudo-Hackerz*

Hacker 1: I can't go to!!!
Hacker 2: I hate websense! I'm going to delete it from my computer.

*Hacker 2 attempts and realizes that he cannot manually delete Websense software. He then attempts to use Command Prompt and tries to get into the administrator's account. attempts prove futile.

Hacker 2: I'm an elite hacker! I cannot be stopped by a machine! I will hack the world!!!!!
Hacker 1: Yeah let's go kill the admins!!!

Khaotic: Why don't you try the backspace login...?
by ThaNeoGospel March 19, 2005
The most fucking hateful thing in the entire world. There is nothing worse than Websense. NOTHING! I don't care if it's fucking your mom, fucking a cockroach, or eating the shit of the monkey you just fucked! NOTHING! Fucking Administrators are out to make everyone's lives a living hell. Who in all of hell thinks, the motha fucking NPR, NATIONAL PUBLIC FUCKING RADIO, is a website that should be categorized under "not allowed"?!?!?!? Fuck the administrators, fuck the people who make this shit, and fuck Websense! Websense is the fucking bane of the world. If the devil himself were to shit on schools and lan networks everywhere, it would come out as Websense. Fuck.
Felix: Let's go listen to some streaming npr!
Cat: Sure, let me bring up
Felix: What the hell is that?!?
Cat: This is shit man.
by Websense September 15, 2006
A stupid filter system that my school uses. If a site that I need to use is on a free web space it won't let me use it. If a site I need to use for info has games on it it won't let me through. Piece of crap!
Hey Websense, I'm not going to angelfire to update my site! I'm here to research! Don't be such an ass!
by raboof December 28, 2004
The shittiest piece of shit censor software known to man. Schools, colleges, and other places where you can access the internet often use this crap to block "inappropriate" sites and content. The main problem is that it also blocks A LOT of sites that no sane person would deem to be inappropriate. FUCK WEBSENSE! Everyone who works for Websense is a cocksucking douchebag, and they also enjoy eating shit.
Dammit! Websense blocked me from going to Kottonmouth Kings' website because it is categorized as a "marijuana" website.
by Stoney Jonez March 01, 2006
A piece of shit that schools use to block so-called "inappropriate" sites. It even blocks some sites that aren't inappropriate for no reason. It is what we like to call "extreme idiotic censorship"
stupid websense! I cant even use Google Image Search at my school?
by LordSamiam August 24, 2006
Websense is a shit webfilter company that is easily bypassed with a proxy server
like ShadowAccess.

Commonly used at work, school, or the library.
"Myspace is blocked by Websense!1!11"

by Rssfire September 10, 2007
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