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Slang Term for a child porn seeking lumberjacking looking elf. Is a cross between a gremlin, weasel, and a genuine solid piece of warm horseshit. See also EDDIE
If you meet Eddie, hey may also go the term webrat, or manlover.
by CHILINVLN December 26, 2003
Identical to rug-rats, except these are children you only see on a womans internet profile in pics. Be it facebook, myspace, etc.

You know the lady has kids, you just never see them in public. Hence: Webrats.
Guy One: Duuude I met this kick ass chica at the bar last night!

Guy Two: Sweeet man, what's her name?

Guy One: Sarah, why?

Guy Two: Shit kid, that girl is one of my facebook friends. She has webrats!

Guy One: Nooooooooooo!!!
by Kolat February 12, 2010