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When a hypochondriac Web-MD's all of their symptoms and even adds/exagerates the slim to none symptoms they think they have, thus resulting in some fantastic and exotic condition that isnt really there.
I banned my daughter from the internet because all day long she is Web-MDing, I think we need to send her back to her psychologist.
by Britt K May 22, 2008
The act of ceremoniously looking up odd symptoms, most of which are irrelevant and/or non-existent on a website for people who think they can understand a specialized field or are unwilling to pay an exorbitant amount to find out what they are already subconsciously aware of. This often takes place in a setting with unofficial free time and internet access, aka, TOK.
"Dude, what is she doing?"

"Oh, its ok, its just Chaaru Web-Mding again."

by Terri777777 April 05, 2012
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