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The guy who whoops that little bitch Strong Bad's ass.
Strong Bad packs fudge. Weak Good is 100% heterosexual and pimps all the hoes.
by Super Thug May 21, 2003
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Weak Good is actually Strong Bad's nemesis. However he is not violent nor homophobic. Weak Good is simply in competition with Strong Bad, but joins him occasionally for a cold one at the stick.
Weak Good is Strong Bad's nemesis, but for all the good, non-violent "to enter-tain you" reasons.
by poser-spotter October 11, 2003
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Weak Good is Strong Bads nemesis, but he is not violent.
He has actually had a few cold ones with him the last time they had a barbecue at the stick.
by toni151 October 12, 2003
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