A word commonly used to refer to homosexual men, or to call someone homosexual
"This guy I know, he is such a watters"
by Ben An August 23, 2006
Top Definition
A small alien-like creature with three eyes, small teen, and four arms that lives in the human brain. It is an asexual meaning it can reproduce with itself. It is spread from person to person making it a communicable creature. It feeds on brain juice. Its symptoms include : throwing up, day dreaming, loopyness, producing more pee, tripping, laughing, and smiling awkwardly. Also, the Freezies (extreme case), Coldies, and the Igloo. Unfourtunetly, there is NO known cure. The end result? You die. Hahaha!
Watter 1 : We are the Watters and we like your brain.
Person : Dammit!
by Watter21 May 12, 2011
A small Alien-like creature with 3 eyes, small theeth, and four arms that lives in a human brain and feeds off brain juice. Symptoms the freezies, the coldies, and the igloos. the only known cure is a series of painful injections.
Man i feel terrible.. i've had the freezies and the igloos for a week!

You probably have Watters... you should see a doctor.
by switchfoot3 May 11, 2011
A Plymothian Dwarf with appauling taste in women.

Enjoys having sex on kids playground rides.
Watters your a little cock!
by james hadley January 18, 2005
"WATTERS" said Horgay
hello Watters
by Horgay July 11, 2003
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