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Waterfox is a fan-art "blue" version of Firefox], a web browser by Mozilla.
Many people use it as a nickname.
Some even use avatars/signatures of it in forum]s, a blue logo of Firefox - so easy to create in Adobe® PhotoShop]® or in any image editing tool that allows recolouring (like PhotoFiltre], PhotoFiltre Studio X] and GIMP]).
Dumb Person no. 1: I love Waterfox.
Dumb Person no. 2: I prefer Firefox.
Smart Person: OMG, you dumbass]es, Waterfox is a "blue" fan-art of Firefox.
by Rodrigo X November 27, 2009
Usually associated with the term "You are a dirty water fox" a water fox is a small mammal that eats its own poop to survive. Exists only in Zanzabar with its close relative the chocolate flavored beach leopard.
You are a dirty waterfox you chocolate flavored beach leopard.
by Mark A. Thomas March 27, 2008